The Largest Hot Friendly Show In The North-East

MAY 29th & 30th, 2021

Vendor list will be updated weekly
Last Updated May 26th, 2021
304 Exotics
All Living Things Rescue Sanctuary
All Things Wild
Amber's Treasure Cove
Angry Bald Man Reptiles
Arachnid Empire
Buddy's Toys
Busy Hand Creations
Captive Yeti Exotics
Card Family Exotic Pets
Chaos re-Creatios
Dave's A&E Reptiles
Dave's Danger Noodles
Deb's Reptile Designs
Doctor Pixel
Food For Reps
Fry's Pets
Gillywater Aquatics
Graphic Gecko
Hill Top Fur Babies
Holloway's Historical Goodes
Jade Dragon Company
Jay's Exotic Fish & Reptiles
Jim's Gorgeous Gecko's & More
Just Lizards
Kawika's Konstrictors
Keystone Cold-Blooded
KG & That
Kick's Balls
L&R Rodents
Livs Bits & Baubles
Lo's Custom Graphics & Designs
Marie Exotic Reptile Rescue
Maz Morphs
MCG Reptiles
Mice & More
Mid Atlantic Reptiles & Invertebrates
M&R's Chocolate
Muddy Chameleon
Muffin Mania
Mutt Reptiles
Nana's Relics & Rarities
Off The Hook Exotics
OG Exotics
O'hana Reptiles
PapaGoat Reptiles
Patriotic Reptiles / BCB Reptiles
Paul's Cool Scales

Rat Town Rodents
Rebel Reptiles
River Exotics
Sensimilla's Salamanders
Serpentine Exotics
Shore Thing Exotics
Sky High Geckos & Exotics
Slither Exotics
Southern Exotics
Spark's Hognose
Special Care Pet Center
Spicey Rattery
Standout Serpents
Sucker Punch Gourmet Sauces
Summerfield Axolotls
Sunfire Exotics
Super Uro /
Tall Boas & Balls

Teagan's Axolotls
The Dog Emporium
The Conjured Caterpillar
The Jungle
Tina's Happy Axolotls
Tristate Reptiles
Vanko Products
World Wide Reptilia